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The chapel of Ayios Alexandros has been built recently. The small chapel is found built outside the village of Kornos towards the village of Pyrga, somewhere left, between pines and cypresses.

The dream of the recently retired father Christoforos Economos finally became real. On the occasion for the losses of our ignored people during the Turkish invasion, it was built the church of Ayios Alexandros.

The small chapel was built after his proposal and with various aids, contributions, loans that were organized and collected by himself. It was built for the sake of the ignored lads of the Turkish Invasion of 1974, and the name of the chapel was dedicated to Ayios Alexandros, because Christoforos Economos had an ignored son having the name Alexandros. When you visit the chapel, you will be able to see the photographs of our ignored lads. The pain was very heavy for father Christoforos, and his work was also big. He died recently, in February 2004.

The chapel was functioned by father Christoforos.

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