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  1. A Panoramic view of Kornos
  2. Kornos Community Council
  3. The imposing church tower of the old gothic church dedicated to Agios Ioannis Prodromos, of Timios Prodromos
  4. The new church of Timios Prodromos
  5. A bizarre creation of nature
  6. One of the most beautiful images of the village of Kornos
  7. A trim traditional residence
  8. Residences of traditional architecture in the heart of the village.
  9. The beautiful “house of a lady called Kyriakou”
  10. An imposing building with wooden doors and large wooden windows.
  11. An old wooden door manufactured in the end of the 19th century
  12. An imposing rock stands like a sleepless guard.
  13. A beautiful image of nature.
  14. The wonderful colours of nature.
  15. The Excursion Site of Kornos.
  16. An image of unique beauty.
  17. An image of unique beauty.
  18. A stone-built traditional residence.
  19. Clay-made creations
  20. Clay-made creations
  21. A restored traditional residence.
  22. The beautiful roses of a blooming garden.

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